Welcome dear visitor ! This website is a place where I will share things that I find interesting : music, arts, thoughts, whatever really... This is also a way to promote my work on the sonic and visual side of things. I'm just a french nerd messing around with computers. My favourite color is purple and one of my dream is to experience the flavor of Wasabi Kit Kat.

this is /a part/ of my face

Other than messing around with music and images, I like to watch obscure animes, movies, stuff from the internet, read books about the simulation we are living in and play video games. My favourite console used to be OG Xbox. It was such a cool gaming rig with a mysterious interface. The possibility to mod the console relatively easily opened a whole world of DIY electronics (and free games) to me. I played my fair share of Jet Set Radio Future and Unreal Tournament 99, the soundtracks from these games may explain my passion for bass music (and all things electronic). Nowadays, I'm more into weird indie games like Cruelty Squad, Proteus, Death Stranding (not really indie but you get the idea)...

Currently, I make music under the name DLVR and I am also in a project called Genki-Dama where I write tunes with my incredible friend Arekushi. I'm also working for various artists from my city as a visual artist, artistic director or mixing engineer. I do a lot of stuff for my local music scene sometimes it's on very DIY territory, sometimes it's on a quasi professionnal level (where's the money though ???). I know that since the beginning of this section you are obsessing over one fundamental question : what does DLVR actually mean ? Honestly I have not fully decided yet. For a little origin story, I initially wanted to make an ambient only project called "救出". You know like all vaporwavey and anonymous. I uploaded my 1st EP on Bandcamp and... A song of mine got played on KEXP !! Then I told myself, "I should have a name that you can put on Google". After all, this is 2024 so concepts such as anonymity and privacy are quite obsolete, might as well use a name and a face to collect virtual internet fame.

I was trying to make some kind of horror soundtrack. Then I played in a band in high school and tried to take music a little bit more seriously. Fast forward to today : I'm really into all kind of electronic music especially things that are close to vaporwave, electronica and ambient. And as I was saying earlier, bass music too. Recently, I've been inspired by the likes of Forest Swords, Caterina Barbieri and I guess things like dreampunk have been some kind of obsession for the past few months. (And what I am currently listening to while writing this blog note). As far as labels, I'm really into Pure Life, Fuselab, Natural Sciences, Other People... The whole vaporwave/glitch aesthetic stuff really speaks to me and I try to make it my own with my art, mixing it with other influences.

Welcome to the website, I hope you'll like it and that you'll check my stuff out :)

I'm always open to work on anything for anyone as long as I feel that the project is in phase with my vision and values. You can contact me through my Insta. ENJOY and don't forget to sign the guest book !!!